(Last updated on January 8th, 2013)

Q.What Camera do you use?

A. I used to use a Canon Powershot 750 and a Canon EOS Rebel T3 But now a Logitech HD Webcam Pro C920

Q. Do you recommend the camera?

A. Yes because It is way to better than my last two cameras, but you need a laptop right near your studio set.

Q. Why are comments disabled or need approval on your latest videos?

A. My goals are to have more likes then comments ALWAYS (LIKES are the things that help me grow not comments and also shows your support!) , but since you guys will take a minute to comment instead of taking one second to LIKE, I'll just disable the comment section to give a little 'hint hint' that you should like the video. (I might just instead Approve the comments for the people who like and comment.) Sorry.

Q. What software do you use?

A3. I capture the frames with Cyberlink webcam. Then I use a combination of Windows Live Movie Maker (WLMM) and Magix Movie Edit Pro MX. I put the frames in WLMM and save the movie as a file. Then i start a new file on Magix get the old file with just the pics and once it it on there it will only have some top and bottom lines. I used this technique on Lego Darth Vader Popsicle Accident (remake) and went on from there, expect for the video New Channel (now deleted). I recently started using another software called GIMP using for masking, lighsaber effects, muzzle flashes and hopefully more. Here is the link: http://GIMP.org/downloads/

(GIMP is free by the way.)

Q4. Where do you get your sounds from?

A4. I get them all at Soundbible. Here is the link: http://soundbible.com/ And I when I recently got a full YouTube partnership, I got rights to more sound effect that would probably have me say Sound effects provided by audiomicro.com."

Q5. Where do you get your music?

A5. At first, i didn't know about copyright so some of my videos don't have music until i heard about http://incompetech.com/ by Kevin Macleod and http://machinimasound.com/ . It's Royalty-Free music, and you have to put this Creative Commons link in the description so if Your video has a Content ID match, you can use this link to help: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Q6. Will you ever have an ALT channel?

A6. Actually, as of March 16, 2012, I used an original channel called kcameronyt. It was actually created on January 1, 2007. Sounds funny how I didn't use that channel originaly. :)

Q7. Is Lego StarWars 501st Legion your first stop motion?

A7. No, well it is my first stop motion to be uploaded on Youtube but it is the fifth stop motion I ever made. I made one before doing it. The other three were made in January 2011 after watching Pizzamovies' 501st Legion. I was pretty obesessed with Lego 501st Legion back then.

Q8. Will you ever make tutorials with GIMP?

A8. I don't own any screening capturing software at this time, so I can't but go to my ALT channel: "kcameronyt," then got to the video titled "Update on Tutorials. it has links to the tutorials that helped me in the past.

Q9. Will you voice for me?

A9. No, Go to "Voicing or Collaboration Policy if you need the reasons.

Q10. What's your frame rate?

A10. Like every brickfilmer it's 15 FPS (0.083) only one video has that. Some of them used to be varied then 0.10 and on Lego Lightsaber Effect Test is the only 15 FPS (0.083). Now my Productions are I think 30 FPS (0.075).

Q11. How old are you?

A11. I'm 14

Q12. Why you reply to their comments and not MINE!!!

A12. Wut, look man I really appreciate the lovely comments but I don't have time to reply to comments. I sometimes do but I am still busy making the videos you comment on. So I don't Want to upset you guys or anything.


A13. Depends if I want to subscribe to your video content.


A14. Read Answer 13


A15. Is that even a thing?

Q16. Can I contact you?

A16. Sure, If you have a youtube account then contact me by putting a channel comment or just PM me and if you have and E-mail adress then notify me at gadget510@comcast.net  . If you don't have any of that then sorry.

Q17. Will you ever sell your LEGO?

A17. Most likely NO, I really love LEGO but if I ever try to sell LEGO in the future then I'll probably sell in the FAR future.

Q18A. Do you have an xbox?
Q18B: If so do you have a gamertag?

A18A. Yes.

A18B. Yes! It's "Seagoingboss44!" But I only play Battlefield 3, HALO Reach, and MW3.

Q19. When's your birthday?

A19. September 10th (9/10)

Q20: Mac or PC?

A20: Neither, I use a desktop! (Troll face)