Sunday, July 15, 2012

UPDATE 7/15/12-7/16/12


Hey guys hope you all liked my latest brickfilm because the next one I think is going to be way better! :D (maybe) :P I'm not completly sure because I am doing a brickfilmers worst nighmare, a minifigure walking with NO studs to hold it to walk DA DA DAAAA!!! Lol! KD But it will be very hard since I already saterted it a bit today and I was testing FPS and I changed it yet again and when I did a walking cycle with on studs it looked very smooth! :D The title of the upcoming brickfilm is not a keeper but it just might be temporary called "A minifiger espcape!" I am going to work on it tonight! Make sure to check out my latest brickfilm "RANDOM BUNNY ASSUALT (LEGO)."
Thanks for 500 subscribers btw! :D
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